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Top 5 White Wines For Fall!

September is nearing to a close. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed those lush Sauvignon Blancs and Rieslings while temperatures soared above 90 degrees because it’s time to put away the white wine and break out the red, right? Well… maybe not! After seeing Wine Enthusiast Magazine recommend some stellar whites in their latest article on Richer

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Incoming: Domaine Serene Alum’s Jaw-Dropping Pinot Under $20 By The Case!

I don’t know about you but, personally, nothing is more enjoyable for me than sipping on a truly well-crafted Pinot Noir. There is just something about the elegance and refinement a top quality Pinot can exude that no other grape variety can offer. The problem is that truly exceptional Pinot

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Would You Drink Wine Made From New GMO Grapes?

Growing grapes isn’t easy. Even during some great vintages, vineyards must take precaution against a host of problems that can damage their crop. Poor weather and natural disasters are usually the first to come to mind, but pests and plant diseases have always presented an issue. Pesticides are often used to combat fungi like Powdery Mildew but, as the

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