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Tomorrow: Under $30 Napa Cab With Calistoga/Stags Leap Juice In A BEAUTIFUL Bottle!

There’s an old adage that says not to judge a book by its cover… but like any rule, there are always exceptions.


When we received this Napa Cab sample, the bottle engraving alone stopped everyone in their tracks. Expectations were set VERY high from the get go, so we figured there was no way that the juice inside could live up to the hype that was already created. Being wrong never tasted SO GOOD! So then we dug a little bit on why this opulent Napa Cab from the ‘Dream Vintage’ was so fantastic. It turns out the Cab was sourced from the vineyards just behind an iconic Judgement of Paris winery, and there is a small percentage of Stags Leap fruit in the blend as well… so it all started to make a lot more sense.


Based on the stunning labeling and the quality of this juice from these renowned regions, we figured this had to be at least a $50-60 Cab. But after working out a deal with the producer to bring in as much of it as we could, knowing this sort of Napa Cab is EXACTLY what our Wine Express customers love, we are going to be able to offer this beauty for under $30 a bottle and even less by the case, the lowest price ANYWHERE for this standout bottling! So be sure to check your email tomorrow morning when this wine makes its debut, as we may only have enough for it to last through the day… if we’re lucky!


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Josh Farrell, Wine Director                                   

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