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What Is The Difference Between Vertical and Horizontal Wine Tastings?

As summer approaches, what better way to celebrate an elegant gathering than wine tastings? To give this experience some twist, you can even do a vertical or horizontal wine tasting. The question is – what are vertical and horizontal wine tastings?

Vertical Wine Tastings

Vertical tastings generally focus on red wines and are a great tool for wine lovers who are trying to learn more and take a deeper dive. Perhaps if you belong to a tasting group, it’s something you might have tried. The wines don’t necessarily have to be from the same producer, but they should be the same type of wine, e.g., Barolo or Napa Cabs or Right Bank Bordeaux, etc. It’s a great learning experience.

Horizontal Wine Tastings

With horizontal tastings, you have more freedom to explore different kinds of wine. You can taste white wines or roses or sparkling wines in addition to reds. Just as in a vertical, stick with the same type of wine all from the same vintage and see how the different wineries compare.

“I’m doing horizontal tastings all of the time of Bordeaux, Cabs, Chards, all kinds of wines, to compare and determine what I think are the best performers and offer the best value for our customers.” – Josh Farrell, Wine Director, Wine Express.

Our Wine Director Josh and Marshall recently did a vertical wine tasting on three J. Lohr Hilltop Cabernet Sauvignons. Click to watch Josh and Marshall compare these three wines and chat about the characteristics of young and aged wines.

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