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Wine Tasting with Josh and Lamberto Frescobaldi (Video)

Have you watched our Wine Director Josh’s wine tasting videos? If not, you’re missing out a lot! This week, Josh is tasting wine with the renowned Frescobaldi Winery owner, Lamberto Frescobaldi. Frescobaldi Winery has been producing outstanding Tuscan wines and currently has more than eight estates throughout Tuscany.

While Josh and Mr. Frescobaldi tasted two Frescobaldi wines, they chatted about the unique characteristics of Tuscan wines and the fermentation process that created these amazing wines. Want to watch Josh and Mr. Frescobaldi taste and comment on these wines or learn more about the history behind Frescobaldi Winery? Watch the video below!

The WineExpress Team brings you the latest wine news and exciting recommendations! We’ll talk about what we’re currently drinking and the wines we are looking forward to. There will be a lot of different opinions and we’d love to hear yours too!


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