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Coffee or Cabernet?

Inspired by The Wall Street Journal’s recent article comparing wine and coffee, we wanted to know what role coffee plays in our own Wine Director’s life. Josh Farrell tastes and critiques hundreds of different wines each month, but does he put the same emphasis on his morning cup of joe?

Like wine, Josh uses the same care in storing and handling the coffee beans. Freshness and consistency are crucial factors in both beverages. However, as he brews a cup of dark roast each morning in an typical automatic coffee maker, an important distinction emerges.

“When it comes to coffee, I’m usually the one making the coffee. I have a lot to do with how it tastes.”

Unlike wine, coffee is often made by the consumer and then enjoyed on the spot. It doesn’t spend decades stored away in a cellar. Instead, most of the complex flavors in coffee take hold in the few crucial minutes during brewing. And there are so many different brewing methods! Whether you French Press, Cold Brew, or Drip, each method radically influences the experience and taste.

Wine is often a process spanning multiple years to build character while coffee is an art of extracting the perfect blend of flavors during brewing. When done right, they’re both a delicious experience to enjoy! Do you put the same importance on coffee as you do wine? What about tea!?

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