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Crate Half Full


At, we sell a lot of wine and that means every couple of weeks, we’re left with a lot of empty crates. Many would despair, peering into the depths of an empty wine crate, that the best part
is all gone. As the delicious wine is allocated into delivery trucks, finding its way onto dinner tables and deep into cellars across the country, we try to look on the bright side. Not only are thousands of customers soon to partake in the pleasures of their carefully selected wines, but we also get a bunch of empty crates to play with! As they’re wheeled out of the warehouse, the whispering makes its way through the office.

“Boxes… Boxes are out… Boxes… Get your boxes”

empty wine crates

The desk chairs squeak back, the keyboard clatter stops, and everyone makes their way to the stack of boxes up for grabs. A tall, twisting tower of all different kinds! Small boxes, tall boxes, shallow boxes and deep boxes!

Everyone carefully selects a crate to give it a new home and a new purpose. Some get taken to be used for storage or organization. Some boxes look so nice that they’re proudly displayed all on their own, with beautiful designs and engravings to adorn an office space or as cellar decor. Rumor has it the Merchandising Coordinator has plans to make one of his boxes into a fully functional briefcase using one of the long, elegant crates left over from the popular Insignia Napa Red! A creative idea for recycling quality crates!

In our hearts we know that our customers get the best part (the wine!) but we’re happy to make use of the left over crates! Do you have any wine crates at home? If so, what do you do with them?



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