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Josh Sabers a Champagne Bottle with Ease (Video)

Don’t try this at home! (without Josh’s tips). In 3 easy steps you too can saber a Champagne bottle for your next celebration. Check out our 1-minute video on everything you need to know.

In this video we actually use Prosecco. There is some debate over whether you can use sparkling wine other than Champagne but according to Josh, anything with a mushroom cork and a cage will work just fine. So you don’t need to splurge to make a splash!

All you need is your bottle of sparkling and the saber of your choice. Wine Enthusiast sells two options: here and here

(the truth is you could use a regular knife as well, but where’s the drama in that?)

Champagne (or Prosecco or Cava or Sparkling Wine) Sabering Steps:
1) Chill bottle until ice cold

2) Remove the cage on the bottle. With your saber in one hand and the bottle in the other, find the seam on the bottle.

3) Carefully run the sword along the seam in one smooth motion from the bottom to the top. Boom!

If you try this at home please be careful! And send us a video! How did it go?

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