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Tomorrow: Super Limited 93-Pt Vintage Cru Bourgeois Under $20 by the Case!

You know what’s pretty easy? Finding an outstanding wine in the highest rated vintages within Bordeaux. But you know what’s pretty tough? Finding tremendously high quality values produced in the ‘under the radar’ vintages… and that’s exactly what we have here folks.

This winery fully grasps the effort it takes to turn out a simply stunning wine in maybe not the most iconic of vintages, but a 93 point vintage rating is still pretty impressive to us! The best part is that after aging for nearly a decade in the bottle this wine has evolved from its young, brash and boastful beginnings to a more elegant and reserved wine. It shows off its class and finesse in a silky, seamless palate. By the way, this is a Cru Bourgeois Left Bank offering, meaning that it has all the clout and reverence you would expect from a wine of this caliber.

So how can we offer a wine like this at under $20 a bottle by the case? That’s easy… we had to buy the entire lot that was available! So not only did that give us the ability to bring this beautifully aged gem to our customers at an astounding price, it also means you can only find it here at Wine Express! Buy a case for yourself, and a case to give out as gifts, as this could easily be our Bordeaux Deal of the Year and I guarantee it will not last long.

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Josh Farrell, Wine Director

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