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Tomorrow: 300 Case Production RRV Pinot WELL BELOW $25 By The Case… You Read That Right!

We taste a lot of wine around these parts and realize there’s a lot of good Pinot out there, particularly from Sonoma. The best Pinot tends to hail from a few specific regions… one of them being the Russian River Valley. Typically a Single Vineyard RRV Pinot (not to mention one that neighbors the famous Olivet Lane and Failla’s Olivet Vineyard) would retail for a minimum of $50 and can easily go well over the $100 mark. So when we tasted this Pinot we definitely loved it, but figured it would be one of those super expensive wines… especially with a total production under 300 cases.

However when we discovered that the price at the winery was under $40, it piqued our interest. Then, when we were able to make a deal to buy up the majority of the lot and bring the price of the wine down significantly, we were all in on this wine… hook, line and sinker! This is literally the FIRST time we have been able to feature a Single Vineyard RRV Pinot with this type of high end quality at a price that is WELL BELOW $25 a bottle by the case! As I mentioned, production was tiny for this dazzling juice, so those that hesitate are sure to miss this possibly once in a decade buying opportunity. Be sure to keep an eye on out for our Wine of the Day email tomorrow morning because this one won’t last long! If you aren’t already subscribed to our emails, you can register here to have great wine deals like this one delivered right to your inbox!


Josh Farrell, Wine Director


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