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Incoming: Mailing List Only Pinot Under $20 By The Case – Grape Suppliers for Morgan, Talbott

Love high end Pinot? Love great deals even more?? Yeah, so do we…

That was why we jumped on this crazy deal of a Pinot while we had the chance! It is the first ever vintage for this Monterey stunner, but let’s just say the winemaking crew are anything but rookies. For decades they have provided the highest quality grapes to the likes of Morgan and Talbott from their estate vineyards. And for their highly anticipated inaugural launch they brought in a Calera pedigree winemaker with years of experience producing exceptional Pinot.

With their own new project and label, they have put out an expressive, elegant and refined Pinot that has only been available through their club mailing list that we all went nuts over. So we struck up a deal to grab as much of this juice as we possibly could… and the best part is we will be able sell it for under $20 a bottle by the case to our Wine Express customers! This is something to jump on while the opportunity is available, which I can guarantee won’t be long. So be sure to look out for our Wine of the Day email in the morning because this limited production may not even last through the afternoon! If you aren’t already subscribed to our emails, you can register here to have great wine deals like this one delivered right to your inbox!


Josh Farrell, Wine Director

The WineExpress Team brings you the latest wine news and exciting recommendations! We’ll talk about what we’re currently drinking and the wines we are looking forward to. There will be a lot of different opinions and we’d love to hear yours too!


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