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Wine With Wieners: Even Tube Steaks (Hot Dogs) Deserve A Fine Wine Pairing!

It is the 4th of July Weekend and it’s “dog-gone hot out there!”. Hot Dogs are a tasty treat that are easy to grill up and they pair well with many wine styles. But you’re probably wondering which wine to pair with your hot dog! Well we’ve got you covered, no matter your hot dog style!

Try these matches this weekend and all Summer long: 

Plain Hotdog  

You are easy to please, all you need is mustard and sauerkraut to top your hot dog. What you want is a dry rosé to pair your simple hot dog, similar to Grand Jardin. This is a classy Provence Rosé that is also a super value and perfect for any hot summer day. 


If you love a seasoned hot dog with all it’s messy spicy and filling glory, then you can pair it with a Zin such as Terra D’Oro. With 93 points and named an Editors’ Choice from Wine Enthusiast, you can’t go wrong. Plus, the concentrated flavors you’ll get from this wine’s 135 Year Old vines will go perfectly with your excellent choice of toppings. 

Salty & Crunchy Hotdog 

You live for the crunch and cannot forget about the pickles, the cape cod chips, the peppers, the onions…. And everything in between. The ideal wine to go with your crunchy and salty hot dog is a tangy Sauvignon Blanc much like Echo Bay. Experts call it “A truly great value” at 92 points and we agree! This wine is bursting with flavor from Marlborough’s Golden Mile. 

Vegan Hot Dog 

Whether going meat-free for a day or as a lifestyle choice, there are plenty of hot dog selections for a healthy vegan or vegetarian diet that still have plenty of that tangy, smoky hot dog flavor. Try a couple from this list (Upton’s and Beyond Meat are favorites). Try Topiary, a luscious, South African Chardonnay (now on sale) and you can’t go wrong. 

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Happy 4th of July! 

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