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What Josh Drank On His Birthday…

So what does the man that tastes a hundred wines a day drink when he’s celebrating for himself? We asked Josh to send us some photos from his recent birthday and the results did not disappoint! We’re drooling over these offerings…
For the first of his birthday wines, Josh selected the Hospices de Beaune 1995 Beaune Premier Cru Cuvée Clos des Avaux and Cuvée de mon Aieul, Châteauneuf du Pape 2007 Pierre Usseglio, both of which he loved! We wish we could link these up to purchase on our site but they’ve been protected in Josh’s cellar for nearly a decade and are unfortunately not available! Then Josh went off to celebrating his birthday dinner at VEDGE, a vegetarian restaurant in Philidelphia where he ordered the Day 2012 Pinot Noir, Eola Amity Hills, Crowley Station Vineyards as a great way to end the day.
What do you like to open on your birthday? Do you have any wines in the cellar reserved for special occasions?
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