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The Bordeaux 2015 Vintage Is Going To Be Really Tasty!

Have you heard the latest buzz in the wine world? The Bordeaux 2015 Vintage is going to be really tasty!

How tasty?

Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s Roger Voss said “It’s easily the best vintage since 2010.” pointing out Margaux, Saint-Émilion and Pessac-Léognan as stand-out regions. Bloomberg also reported good things about the vintage but added some caution saying “2015 is a great vintage, the best one since the supercharged twin years of 2009-10. But it’s much more variable and unusual than I’d expected. The peaks are high… but there are some stumbles.” Bloomberg’s Elin McCoy goes on to list her top picks which also included Margaux and Saint-Émilion. In fact, she said “Some châteaux, including Canon in Saint-Emilion, made their best wines ever.”

How do we know?

Barrel Tastings! Every year wine pros attend the En primeur, which is an event where the chateaux show off their barrel samples to editors, tasters, and buyers. Hundreds of different barrel samples are tasted to get an idea of how the vintage will fare once it is in the bottle. It provides a good idea of what to expect in the future once the bottles hit the market, but it certainly isn’t meant to be a final verdict. As Wine Enthusiast’s Roger Voss points out, “…the wines are in barrel, not in bottle, which means they aren’t finished yet, and two, the blend is approximate… As the wines age further, the blend can be adjusted. In fact, by law, producers are allowed to add 15 percent of wine from another vintage. That would certainly make a difference in the wine.”

What made it so good?

The weather in Bordeaux was exceptional during the 2015 season. The summer started very hot and ended with rain and cool temperatures. It put just the right amount of stress on the grapes to produce excellent fruit!

What’s next?

Now, we wait! This delicious juice is going to rest in a cellar becoming more and more complex and refined. The majority of the wines will probably be available around 2017 or 2018 but, if you really can’t wait, we have plenty of different Bordeaux vintages available at You can taste some of the other acclaimed vintages and even put some bottles aside to compare to your future 2015’s!


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