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Tomorrow: 94-Pt Howell Mtn. Zin Under $15 by the Case (Over 55% Off) Only Here!

What if I told you that we will be offering an unbelievably stellar red wine, aged to its peak, from the esteemed Howell Mountain AVA in Napa for under $15 a bottle by the case (57% Off!)… would you even need to read more about it??

This wine sample came to us a like a sign from the wine gods, as it shares the same name as our address here in Westchester, NY! Once we popped the cork and tasted, it had this entire office in amazement of how flat out delicious and utterly enjoyable this wine was. Obviously the wine professionals agreed as it received 94 Points with experts calling it “A superbly rich and flavor-packed old school Zin”. And because it has years of bottle age being from the outstanding 2010 vintage, the tannins are smoothing out and it is drinking so beautifully right out of the bottle. Some of our top in house wine guys and gals had this pegged as a $35-40 wine, which is what the winery price actually is. But when we learned there were ONLY 100 cases available for sale, we made a deal and scooped up every last bottle as we are POSITIVE this is something our Wine Express customers are going to LOVE! So you will only find this stunning Howell Mountain Zin here, and instead of $35 a bottle we are dropping it down to Under $15 a bottle by the case! With the minuscule quantity there is left of it, this one could sell out in an hour or less (as we have seen in the past with this type of crazy deal/killer juice), so keep your eyes open for our Wine Of The Day email in the morning to stock up while the opportunity is still available.


Josh Farrell, Wine Director

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