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96-Pt Napa Vintage St. Helena Cab HUGE Discount From Accomplished Winemaker Coming Tomorrow!

It’s funny, everyone loves to buy the known brands of cult Napa Cab, and why not?? These are amazingly well made and delectable wines that we love to bring to our customers whenever possible. But what we like even more is finding a wine that compares to the best wines in Napa and being able to offer it at a FRACTION of the price of those big dog cult Napa Cabs!

Tomorrow’s wine is a perfect example… we found this ridiculously opulent and ageable wine after tasting through dozens of samples, a standout among some dynamite juice! It was a winery/vineyard name that most people wouldn’t recognize, and with good reason as they produce extremely limited quantities. But after we tasted this Single Vineyard St. Helena Cab which hails from a WS 96 point vintage, we decided we better dig a bit deeper. Then it all made sense… it was crafted by a former Clos Du Val winemaker who was named a Top 30 Under 40 Winemaker in the World and a Top 40 under 40 Tastemaker by Wine Enthusiast! A pioneer for women winemakers throughout Napa, she branched out on her own to create her own wines like this stunningly decadent and sophisticated 100% Cabernet. Plus, this winery used to sell their grapes to the likes of Beringer and other high profile Napa wineries before they chose to craft their own line of wines.

When we found out there were less than 100 cases left of this beauty, we knew we had to scoop up all that the winery would allow us. With an $80 retail cost, we were sure this would cost us a pretty penny but you will be shocked at what we will be able to offer this Cab to our customers for in tomorrow’s promo. Let’s just say you can pay $80 for this at the winery, or almost 45% LESS by the case here starting tomorrow morning… and those are the ONLY 2 places you will find it. I’d be shocked if this wine lasted through Happy Hour tomorrow, so keep an eye out for our email tomorrow morning!

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Update: It’s the Varozza 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon Estate, St. Helena, Napa Valley!


Josh Farrell, Wine Director

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