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Tomorrow: Master Somm’s Under $20 By The Case Cali Red Value of the Year (50% Off!)

What happens when you put together a young star winemaker and the most awarded young Master Somm in the industry? You get a phenomenal bottle of wine and, in this case, a ridiculous value!


Ian Cauble is one of the most revered Master Sommeliers in the world earning the TOP:SOMM award among many others! You may recognize him from the SOMM Documentary, where he and his colleagues documented their toilsome journey towards earning the Master Somm title (there are less than 250 in the world!). After his stint as Brand Ambassador at Krug Champagne, he now has several wine projects that he works on… including the wine we have coming your way tomorrow. This big, juicy and opulent Red Blend is a crowd-pleaser from start to finish, similar to one of those wines that have been held in captivity for too long… if you catch my drift. The Zinfandel, Syrah, and Petit Sirah used for this wine hail from some of the most desirable vineyards in all of California. When you taste this mouth filling, plush wine it is evident how only a talented winemaker and elite Master Somm could put together such a complex and pleasing red.


The problem with most of these high end Red Blends is they are quite pricey and this one is no different with a retail of $40 from the winery. However, when we realized what a tremendous wine and opportunity this was, we scooped up all they would let us have and in doing so, they made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. So you can find this dynamic North Coast Red for $40 at the winery or, starting tomorrow, you can find it HALF OFF at Under $20 a bottle by the Case Only Here! This is bound to be our Value Wine of the Year, and since we will probably just have enough inventory for this one offer, be sure to grab enough so you can enjoy some today and lay the rest down as it will only improve over the next several years. So be sharp and quick tomorrow when you see our email on this one, as this could be the buying opportunity of the year for those who like their Red Blends Big, Opulent, Rich and flat out Delicious!

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Update: It was the Method 2015 Proprietary Red, North Coast! Currently Under $20 By The Case & Going Fast!


Josh Farrell, Wine Director                                   

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