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When new wines come into our office a lot of factors go into deciding whether we like what’s in the glass. In the end, it either tastes good or it doesn’t. The tricky part is that our customers don’t buy the wine that’s in our glass, they buy their own bottles (or cases!) and these bottles make a long journey from vineyard to doorstep. Any differences in corking, packaging, storage, and handling could cause bottle variation before they even enter our warehouse. The occasional “corked”, “cooked”, or just plain “off” bottles are nearly impossible to protect against but we try our best. Our customers know The WineExpress Guarantee ensures quality wine!

With large shipments or with wines that were delivered in multiple shipments to our warehouse we make sure to sample random bottles from different locations within our inventory to make sure everything is as we expect it to be. If we find a problem with any of the sampled bottles we’ll make sure to go back to see if we can isolate the issue and set aside any bottles that aren’t up to par. Of course we’re always disappointed when a bottle isn’t as good as the rest, but we want our customers to experience the best example of what the wine has to offer. We put a lot of effort into selecting our wines so we want you to experience the same fantastic aromas and tastes that we did when we first popped the cork. We love reading your reviews so be sure to let us know what you thought about any wines you’ve ordered!

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The WineExpress Team brings you the latest wine news and exciting recommendations! We’ll talk about what we’re currently drinking and the wines we are looking forward to. There will be a lot of different opinions and we’d love to hear yours too!


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