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Rosé Season is Upon Us!

Here in lovely Westchester County, NY it would appear that spring has finally sprung. The days have grown warmer and longer and the flowers are starting to slowly creep from their slumber. This can only mean one thing… Rosé season is here! Over the last few years, Rosé has gained a lot of attention as their sales have increased incrementally in the US each year, particularly among the millennials. So if you haven’t jumped on the Rosé bandwagon yet, there is no better time to do so…here’s why.

For the most part, Rosé is not what it used to be or what you may expect. There is a common misconception that Rosé is a sweet wine… nope! Well, it can be sweet and sometimes made with some residual sugar on purpose, but the majority of Rosé that is getting all of the attention is Dry Rosé. Not only that, the quality has increased significantly from the old Blush/White Zinfandel style wine. The best Rosé wines today are made with red grapes and in a style somewhere between white and red wine. The juice is pressed with a small amount of maceration (contact between the skins and juice) used to impart color, character and some tannin on the finished product. The result is a balanced and complex wine that offers acidity, fruit, tannin and a delightful drinking experience. A perfect example would be the Belle Glos 2015 Pinot Noir Blanc, Oeil De Perdrix, Sonoma that we just promoted at under $20 a bottle by the case. It is produced by the famous Wagner Family (founders of Caymus) using entirely Pinot Noir grapes.

This really is an ideal time of year to indulge in what is becoming America’s choice of wine. The lighter style version when chilled down is downright refreshing and satisfying as a summer sipper. Some are made to have a little more fruit and oak, allowing them to pair wonderfully with lighter fare such as cheese and charcuterie or even certain seafood dishes. As of late, they have even become popular as ingredients in some innovative cocktail recipes… talk about versatility!

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