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Sorry To Burst Your Bubble, Champagne Is In Short Supply!

With the holiday season approaching, demand for Champagne is on the rise. Consumers are looking to the popular bubbly for gifting and entertaining (even if it’s just a virtual tasting). However, the inventory of Champagne is simply not enough, and buyers are having a hard time getting those sparklers. Here are a few reasons why it’s harder to get Champagne this year:

  • Shipping crisis roiling the global economy because of the coronavirus pandemic
  • Champagne is in short supply based on challenging vintage conditions
  • Soaring demand in preparation for the holiday season and gifts

According to The Washington Post, “Champagne is exploding,” Laurent Givry, co-owner of Elite Wines, a Lorton, Va.-based importer says, adding that this was his best year for Champagne sales. “I’m already making plans for 2022, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to buy enough.” He called the supply chain issues coupled with reduced harvests and soaring demand “a perfect storm.”

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